presents it's original game

Beta 1.1

what is the game about? is an original creation born from the love of its creators for chess and go.

This is a two player game, deterministic, with no randomness: an abstract strategy game.

The game opposes 2 Kings: the Holly King against the Oak King, Players take turns to create pathways on the board for their King to reach the Throne first... or to lead their opponent into the Trap ! uses computer based game mechanics and cannot be made on physical board, but can be played here for free.

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Learn the game through an interactive tutorial.
Sharpen your strategy in training mode playing both Holly and Oak.
Enter Human Court and play ranked games on the Ladder to reach the Legend Rank !
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The Pieces

The Kings

The Holly king

The Oak King

The Relics

The Throne

The Trap

Link Resolving

Link resolving BEFORE piece resolving

Same Type ; Same Color = PUSH along Created

Same Type ; Different Color = PUSH along Targeted

Link displaced outmap= destroyed

Link displaced into overlapping= destroy target

Link displaced into crossing= destroy target

A Link can move pieces standing on it only once per turn.

If a piece can move at different location at the same time. it multiplies itself to do so.

Piece Resolving

Same Piece > Same Piece = Bounce

Relic > Piece = Pass through

King on opponent King = PUSH Target

Collision = Pass through each other

Outmap= Bounce back transformed ; Turn King = Throne | Non-turn King = Trap

King > Throne = Wins the game

King > Trap = Loses the game

Specials :

-  If Oak King and Holly King would get a Relic win condition at the same time = Oak King wins —to create

-  You can’t create a Link that would lead to a board position that already occured in the same game

-  A situation where an infinite number of movements to be resolved occurs = Turn player win.